We’ve Won The ‘Bid Writing Company Of The Year Award’!

Your Tender Team Wins The Bid Writing Company Of The Year Award

It’s official, Your Tender Team is the best bid writing company in the UK! It was announced in late December that we’d won the coveted Bid Writing Company Of The Year award.

bid writing company of the year award

Our award acknowledges us as the number one bid writing company in our sector. The competition was organised by a global media company, AI Global. A judging panel reviewed all of the companies involved and decided on the winner.

Read All About Our Bid Writing Company Of The Year Award

You can read about our award win and coverage on our victory HERE.

Over £2bn Of Tenders Won

Your Tender Team has won over £2bn worth of tenders for our clients within the last 3-years. This was a major contributing factor for us winning the award.

Industry-Leading Win Rate

Another factor for us winning the award was our tender win rate. Clients seek to always improve their tender win rate and we can assist with this.

Our tender win rate is what defines us and we monitor it quarterly and always publish it on our website. Find our latest tender win rate HERE.

Who Can We Help With Bid Writing?

Simple, ANYONE! We write and review tenders for clients of all sizes, even those that already have their own internal bid writing department. If you are eligible to bid for any tender, we can assist. We’re happy to chat through your approach to tendering and let you know how we can assist.

Bid Writing Service Costs

If you have a tender that is live and you want to take part, get in touch today by using our CONTACT US page or use the Get A Quote tab on the right side of your screen now.

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