0792 Bellhouse Closed Landfill Generator – Management and Energy Contract

Essex County Council (the Authority) seeks to award a contract for the management of the landfill gas at Bellhouse Closed Landfill Site and generation of energy from landfill gas from the Site. The successful bidder must be able to meet the Authority's timeline for the commencement of energy generation – there is a 20-week implementation and mobilisation timeline against which bidders will be required to bid. In return for the licence and access to the landfill gas, the successful bidder will be required to pay the Authority a 90% share of any gross income received by the bidder from any Renewable Obligation Certificates and a royalty based on the percentage of gross electricity sales revenue. Additional services may be added to this contract in order to better utilise the resources in relation to the landfill site and/or to maximise any spare capacity which can be exported to the electricity grid network.

Site visits are invited by appointment only to be arranged with the Authority during the tender process.

Please note, the estimated value of the contract in this notice is not a representation by the Authority as to the levels of income which will be generated by this contract. The estimated contract value is inclusive of the potential to extend the contract and addition or expansion of services during the life of the contract. The Authority may also add any grant funding or other funding which becomes available to the Authority to the contract where such funding relates to the services and outcomes required under the contract and the Services
Specification. The Authority does not guarantee or grant any exclusivity in relation to any such services or funding during the life of the contract.

All information and opportunity to respond will be via the Proactis Supplier Network (https://supplierlive.proactisp2p.com) Bidders will need to register first (free of charge service) in order to view the tender documents.

For any queries, please email: natasha.i-goldsmith2@essex.gov.uk

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Contract Date

3rd May 2021 / 2nd May 2041

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