All Age Autism Support Service for Birmingham and Solihull

In Birmingham and Solihull there is currently a determination to improve services within the autism community. Current services are seen as siloed and fragmented. This results in people struggling to obtain the support they require in order for them to achieve a happy and healthy life in which they and their families can thrive. Linked to this is the fact that local data relating to autism is often wrapped up in reporting data for learning disabilities and mental health. There are around 16,020 people across Birmingham and Solihull who have been diagnosed with autism. However, there will be people with autistic traits who have not sought a diagnosis, are on waiting lists or who have sought a private assessment who will not be included in this figure.

As a consequence of the above, a community mapping exercise describing Birmingham and Solihull's existing services, with a specific focus on autism, was submitted to NHS England (NHSE) in March 2021 to support Phase 4 planning requirements and the Learning Disabilities (LD) and Autism Long-Term Plan funding allocation. The mapping exercise resulted in Birmingham and Solihull's Transforming Care Partnership (TCP) 3-year road map/implementation plan submission to NHSE in April 2021.

Arden and GEM CSU, on behalf of Birmingham and Solihull CCG, supported by Birmingham City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council are therefore seeking to put in place an All Age Autism Support Service. A full description of the service can be found within the service specification which can be obtained by accessing the tender documentation via EU Supply. The deadline for the submission of tenders is 22nd November at 1700hrs.

The contract is anticipated to commence in January 2022 and will run until March 31st 2024 (i.e. a maximum of 27 months) with an option to extend for a further 24 months in the event of both satisfactory performance and funding being available. Providers should note that if the contract commences later than January 2022, the initial contract duration cannot extend beyond March 31st, 2024.

Bidders should also note that although it is likely that the contract entered into will be with NHS Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group, it is anticipated that the CCG will be replaced by an Integrated Care Board (ICB) from 1st April. As a consequence of this, it is likely that the contract as awarded will novate to this successor body from that date. The Commissioner will provide further details as these become available.

Organisation Name

NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit



Contract Date

1st Jan 2022 / 31st Mar 2024

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