Chamber House Solar Farm ICP Contract

Rochdale Council, on behalf of Rochdale Development Agency (RDA), wish to invite tenders for the independent connection provider (ICP) contract according to ERDF rules as part of the Unlocking Clean Energy in Greater Manchester project which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The role includes the provision and delivery of the contestable grid connection works which include:
• Supply and install substation HV switchgear and earth mat.
• Install Code 3 Meter panel and connect to switchgear.
• Install Automation and SCADA, including remote terminal unit (to be supplied by Electricity North West) within the new on-site substation.
• Excavate, lay and reinstate 1 No. x 6.6kV XLPE (1 x 3c 300mm2 allowed for) in ducts between POC and development site (1.85km route length allowed for).
• Terminate incoming HV cables and private HV cable.
• Test and commission all switchgear.
• Developer to test protection, Electricity North West to witness.
Full details and procurement documents can be found on The Chest Portal using this link:

Organisation Name

STAR Procurement



Contract Date

26th Aug 2022 / 31st Mar 2023

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