CONTRACTOR RECRUITMENT – Preferred Supplier List (PSL)

It is Hyde's intention in respect of this invitation to tender to create a multiple source Framework Agreement for the supply of Contractor Recruitment for the use of primarily The Hyde Group (Hyde) but also for the use of other public sector authorities as defined in the FTS/Contracts Finder contract notice.
The Service Provider will generally be required to provide Contractor Recruitment services subject to project specific requirements under each Call-off Agreement but will primarily cover the services described in this document.
The proposed duration of the Framework is for four (4) years in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. However, each member may enter in a Call-off Agreement under the Framework Agreement which can extend beyond this period.
Hyde are seeking to select and award a contract to a number of panel providers for each Lot.
This ITT seeks to create a framework by inviting proposals in respect of the Contractor Recruitment lots listed below;
Lot 1 Finance
Lot 2 Technology/Change/Data
Lot 3 Housing
Lot 4 Real Estate Development

Organisation Name

Hyde Housing Association Ltd



Contract Date

1st Sep 2022 / 31st Aug 2026

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