Electronic Presentation of Evidence – Court Equipment

The CPS is looking to appoint two Supplier's that shall provide a range of audio, visual display equipment to enable the electronic presentation of evidential material in Tribunal settings. Two Supplier's shall be appointed to cover different areas of the country.

Equipment shall include but not be limited to the following:

High Definition (HD) monitors – minimum specification 21" 1920 x 1080 (between 14 – 25 for each case)
55" large screen HD TV and display stand
Tablets – minimum specification 9.7" unless specified by the Buyer. Must also include stylus, keyboard, power supply for professional users to charge overnight
Standalone Computer
Digital (HDMI) signal processor
Digital (HDMI) signal splitters
HDMI cabling
HD audio speakers (wired or wireless)
Headphones (wired / wireless)
Sterile Computer
Bluetooth High Definition audio speaker
A3 Printer/Scanner + consumables
Document camera
Audio Mixer
Effects Unit (Pitch Changer)
VHS Video Recorder
CD/DVD-ROM player

It is not the Buyer's intention to buy any hardware in support of this requirement. All hardware and peripherals shall be provided by the Supplier for the duration of specific Tribunal proceedings only. The Supplier may be required to provide supplementary equipment to enhance existing equipment already in-situ at Tribunal centres.

In some instances lengthy Tribunal proceedings, particularly crown court trials, may run for a period in excess of several months. Suppliers shall have the capacity to supply equipment for such long-term proceedings.

All Supplier Personnel working on this contract must hold SC Level Clearance.

Please note there is no guarantee of the level of work against this contract.

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Contract Date

15th May 2021 / 14th May 2023

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