FF&E: Workplace, Interiors, Fit-out & Specialist Facilities

Fusion21 is developing a new 'FF&E: Workplace, Interiors, Fit-out & Specialist Facilities' Framework to complement its construction and refurbishment frameworks. The outline scope of this PIN is to cover the fittings, furnishings and equipment that go into the shell of a building (or within its curtilage) to make it into a usable space/environment.
This PIN Notice is being used to engage with the market to support Fusion21 in shaping the new framework, ensuring
it is fit for the marketplace for the next 4 years.
Fusion21 ask Suppliers to complete a short Survey questionnaire which can be accessed at the link provided below.

Organisation Name

Fusion21 Members Consortium

Contract Date

1st Feb 2021 / 31st Jan 2025

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