Free-Flow Charging Package C: Non-UK Enforcement Services

National Highways is procuring (as a procurement agent on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport, as described in the National Highways framework document Annex C paragraph 2) a second generation free-flow charging service solution for the existing Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing road user charging scheme. A road user charge has been collected at this crossing since 2003 to manage the high demand for its use.

National Highways’ second generation free-flow charging service solution will be contracted through 3 main packages, each under a separate contract notice. This contract notice is for Non-UK Enforcement Services (Package C) as part of the overall free-flow charging service solution.

The other proposed elements of the free-flow charging solution are Road User Charging Services (Package A) and UK Enforcement Services (Package B). Package A and B were subject to separate contract notices and separate procurement exercises and contracts were awarded in April 2021.

The contract will cover the management of enforcement activities where the person liable resides outside of the United Kingdom, including penalty charge notice payment processing, website provision and merchant acquirer services.

The Package C contract will deliver the implementation of a new solution and transition of existing data within 7 months of the contract commencement date, anticipated to be April 2022.

Key elements of the service will include the provision of revenue protection services covering the enforcement lifecycle, including:

• handling penalty charge records for contravention candidates and identifying the persons liable,
• issuing and recovering penalty charge notices,
• managing and supporting the full scope of representations and appeals in the enforcement lifecycle, and
• interfacing with debt registration organisations.

The service will also comprise of payment processing, in addition to financial reconciliation, banking, a payment gateway, and accounting services related to the road user charging scheme.

The service will also require the provision of a customer support offering, utilising a suite of contact channels for managing communications (e.g. enquiries, complaints, Freedom of Information requests).

In addition, the service provider will be required to output management information to a new National Highways data platform (currently in development).

Organisation Name

Highways England

Contract Date

1st Apr 2022 / 31st Oct 2025

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