GB-BELFAST: National Museums NI – Bookings Events Retail and Membership (BERM) System

The Museum is retendering its Booking, Events, Retail and Membership contract to support the rapidly changing needs of our customers and visitors, and to maximise revenue potential by securing the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose ticketing and retail solution.
The main goals driving the project are to:
1. Ensure business continuity by providing a robust, resilient, and reliable Bookings, Events, Retail and Membership service
2. Provide a more efficient, effective, fit for purpose customer service for bookings, events, retail and membership to secure the current Self Generated Income (SGI) and develop incremental SGI streams
3. To improve the delivery of public services through better use of inputs and outputs

Organisation Name

National Museums NI



Contract Date

1st Apr 2022 / 31st Mar 2027

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