Heating servicing, repair and replacement -Contract

The Council is procuring a new contract to replace its existing gas services contractor and requires a suitable and properly qualified contractor experienced in providing services similar to the services being let under this contract. The new contract is expected to commence in August 2023. The services to be provided under the contract include servicing and responsive maintenance of boilers and similar heat sources, both domestic and communal, and associated distribution systems within occupied and void (empty) properties. In addition, the contract it covers the ad-hoc and planned replacement of domestic boilers and potentially Carbon Reduction innovations to help achieve our target of a 34% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 on route to "Net Zero Emission".
The Services above will be supported by the Contractors Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems, architecture, and processes to manage, co-ordinate and deliver the services as well as interface with the Council's financial and Housing Management systems.
The properties covered by the Contract currently consist of approximately 16,912 units comprising 'Housing Revenue Account' (HRA) housing stock, leased properties (Croylease) and 'General Fund' (GF) housing.
The Contract is for Gas related services only. The general responsive repairs and voids are being procured separately with an FTS notice (CROYD001-DN619329-02180535) issued on 4 July 2022.
The Contract will be let for a duration of 10 years and 8 months with a 'break option' after 6 years and 8 months. In addition, there will be a no-fault termination clause. The total maximum contract value is estimated at £41.9 million (excluding VAT).

Organisation Name

Croydon Council



Contract Date

1st Aug 2023 / 31st Mar 2034

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