Highways England Winter Fleet Replacement (2021-2024)

The Strategic Road Network (SRN) carries a third of all traffic and two-thirds of freight, provides business with the means to get its products and services to their customers, gives access to labour markets and suppliers and encourage trade and new investment. It is essential to the growth, wellbeing and balance of the nation's economy.

The weather during winter can have adverse effects on the operation of the SRN and hence the wider economy. It is therefore imperative that Highways England remains able to maintain the safe operation of England's highways during winter conditions, both to fulfil its statutory obligations as Highways Authority and to ensure that the vital role the SRN plays in the English economy is resilient to winter weather conditions.

Our requirements – which are subject to change – consists of three tranches,
required as follows:

– 73 vehicles during 2021 – 2022
– 70 vehicles during 2022 – 2023
– 109 vehicles during 2023 – 2024

Organisation Name

Highways England



Contract Date

24th Nov 2021 / 24th Nov 2024

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