Locally Commissioned Services (LCS)

Portsmouth City Council is inviting GP surgery and pharmacy organisations located within the City boundary (PO1 – PO6) to submit a proposal for the provision of Locally Commissioned Services.

The Council is seeking to set up a Dynamic Purchasing System for Locally Commissioned Services i.e. health services which provide a response to local health needs and priorities, sometimes adopting national service specifications, and ensure additional local provision in the areas of sexual health, smoking cessation, NHS Health Checks and substance misuse (alcohol and drugs), some of which are mandated services.

The Council is seeking to include all surgeries and pharmacies within the City where the range of public health services will be made available to the general public.

Following the initial submission return deadline the Dynamic Purchasing System will remain open to new applicants at all times throughout its duration.

The ITT and In-tend project will clearly state that suppliers making submissions after the initial return deadline, must notify us via In-Tend correspondence and via e-mail to the contracts team. Notifications can also be sent via PharmOutcomes/Outcomes4Health.

To provide access to appropriate advice, information and interventions regarding the following range of public health services:

o Alcohol Brief Interventions
o Supervision Consumption
o Needle Exchange
o Emergency Contraception
o Health Checks
o Smoking Cessation
o Substance misuse GP Shared Care

Organisation Name

Portsmouth City Council



Contract Date

1st Apr 2021 / 31st Mar 2025

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