Procurement of a Joint Venture partner to undertake the development of Turweston Road, Brackley

Catalyst Housing Limited (CHL) is the owner of development land at Turweston Road, Brackley with detailed consent for 350 residential units and is now seeking to appoint a private sector developer partner to form a corporate LLP joint venture (JV) vehicle on a 50:50 basis to develop Turweston Road. Selection of a JV partner will be undertaken under the Lean Competitive Dialogue Procedure.
Bringing investment and expertise across the development process, the JV partner will work in JV with CHL to optimise post planning design, undertake phased construction of the resulting scheme and market and sell the private sale units delivered. All intermediate and affordable units delivered will be acquired from the JV by CHL at an appropriate market rate.
In terms of the best partner therefore, while JV experience is valuable, key is the ability to bring expertise to bear to maximise commercial returns through delivery of an optimised scheme.

Organisation Name

Catalyst Housing Limited

Contract Date

1st Sep 2022 / 30th Sep 2027

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