Test and Measurement Equipment and Services

Digital Catapult is in 2022 and 2023 Building the Test & Measurement Capability and vendor cohort integration and testing. The "Test and measurement" component of this requirement is the subject of this procurement. We recognise that the provision of equipment, software and services to undertake this testing is highly specialised and we are seeking a single supplier that can meet all four of our entire needs as set-out in the technical documentation.Details of the components that will be procured in this tender, and make-up the T&M platform, are as follows:Multi UE Simulator;Real Data Application Simulator;Core Network Simulator;O-RU Tester;Please note that it is a mandatory requirement that all the items listed above must be from a single supplier, and they must be installed or, in relation to portable equipment, made available by 22 October 2022.In addition to the provision of the equipment required under this tender, Digital Catapult require services, i.e. Unpack and dispose of packaging, Install/mount in racks where applicable; Assist with onsite installation, integration and commissioning; Install operating system including hypervisor; Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the Contract Term for the equipment covered by this tender for a period of 24 months, etc.The estimated contract value of the Contract to be awarded is between GBP 500 000 and GBP 600 000.

Organisation Name

Digital Catapult

Contract Date

22nd Aug 2022 / 22nd Aug 2024

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