Delta eSourcing Tenders

Delta eSourcing Tenders – What You Need To Know

Delta eSourcing tenders are common and many are released daily. Delta is used a portal, facilitating tender submissions. It is used by numerous commissioners and also incorporates a tender messaging facility to ask tender related questions to the Commissioner.

Delta eSourcing tenders

You can find a link to Delta eSourcing here. If a tender is using Delta eSourcing, the tender notice will display a link to the portal.

Delta eSourcing – How To Use

An access code is regularly used to search for tenders hosted on Delta. Sometimes this is shown on the tender notice, other times a link to Delta is provided that should open the opportunity. An account will be required to use the portal.

Delta uses a tender submission process based on tabs. As you move through the tabs you get closer to completion. Sometimes the Selection Questionnaire is actually hosted on Delta eSourcing, meaning bidders have to manually type in their Selection Questionnaire responses. On other occasions, the Selection Questionnaire will need to be completed in a standalone document and uploaded.

Expressing An Interest In A Tender

Once you express an interest in a tender, you can access the tender documents on Delta eSourcing. When you review these documents, you will be able to assess how much work is involved in the completion of the tender. At that point, get in touch with us as we can either;

Be mindful, Delta doesn’t allow concurrent logins. This means only one user can log in at a time.

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