Ensuring You Meet Compliance Requirements for a Tender

Submitting a bid response can be stressful and challenging at times, especially when you’re worried about making mistakes in the compliance aspects of the document. Failing to meet any compliance requirement can hinder your progress or even cause your bid to become ineligible for evaluation or consideration. 

To guarantee your chance of winning, your submission must meet the criteria listed by the client and adhere to any compliance requirements. To understand how to deal with compliance issues in your tender, here are some tips to help you.

Pay attention to every detail:

Big competition, tight work schedules, and limited-time will often lead to an incomplete and unpolished tender submission. Tender writing is a complex process to tight deadlines, which leads to crucial overlooked information and noticeable errors. When this happens, your tender response will end up being rejected for further evaluation, so make sure to read all the questions thoroughly and answer them concisely. 

Make sure to follow all document submission requirements

Ensure that your documents are written in the required font, word length and include any relevant experience and documentation. Pay attention to specific instructions such as file size, file type, word limit, format, and make sure to follow them. Failing to do so will make your tender bid look rushed and unprofessional.

Meet all mandatory requirements

After reading through the compliance checklist thoroughly, resist the temptation to start filling in all sections right away. Take a step back, go through the list again if needed, and write your copy of the tender specifications. Having your simplified copy of the compliance requirements will help you plan out your answers before tackling the document. 

Gather all the correct documentation and evidence in advance

Mandatory requirements may include performance, pricing, and technical requirements. They may also require information on licensing, regulations, accreditations and standards. Addressing these tender specifications requires you to gather documentation like personal references, risk assessments, certificates, to name a few, and this requires planning, time, and patience.

Only include approved and eligible documents

Aside from gathering all relevant documentation and evidence, it’s crucial that you only include recent and relevant evidence to the contract you are bidding on. Any tender submissions that fail to provide the correct documents will decrease their chances of winning.

There are many protocols and rules to follow when writing a tender. With every tender submission you write and enough experience, your next bid will become much easier to formulate. If you require help and support for your next tender request, our team of expert tender writers can help you meet any tender compliance requirement with ease. For a free no-obligation quote, make sure to call Your Tender Team today on 0116 218 2700.

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