Find A Tender After Brexit

How To Find A Tender After Brexit

Many clients are asking us how we will be able to find a tender from the 1st January 2021. Brexit has taken a back seat since the start of the Covid pandemic. However, the Brexit discussions continue to rumble on in the background and now need agreeing before the end of the year.

What Will Change After Brexit?

Currently, OJEU tenders are released on the TED Europa website. You can find the TED website HERE. One impact Brexit will have is whether the UK can continue to use this website to issue their OJEU notices.

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Finer details are yet to be thrashed out. Further meetings between the UK and EU are due for November but the way tenders are published is widely tipped to change.

Find A Tender Website

In preparation for a no deal Brexit, the UK has been working on the Find a Tender website for the years after the referendum. It’s been widely reported that this new website will facilitate the release of OJEU notices previously released by the TED website.

You can find the website HERE. It currently displays the message that “Find a Tender will be deployed at the end of the Transition Period”. It’s understandable that the website isn’t functioning yet as things are still up in the air.

Read more about it on the .GOV website HERE.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Confusion!

With the deployment of new websites for the release of new tenders along with new tender portals, it’s very important that you don’t lose track of how to find new tenders. Any delay in finding them can result in added pressure when responding to the shorter tender deadline or even missing the tender altogether!

Tender Alert Service

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