Green Tendering Rules and Requirements

With the Environment Bill taking place in the UK, a new Green Tendering rule will require many companies to commit to net-zero by 2050 by publishing credible and concise carbon reduction plans before they can bid for a tender. Failing to meet these criteria can put bidders at the risk of disqualification if they don’t have an eligible proposal.

The regulation is put in place to build a greener, sustainable future for the business, economy, and the environment of the country and tackle the rapid changes of climate change. Additionally, the policy taking effect from 30 September 2021 will apply to contracts where environmental factors and the reduction of carbon emissions are relevant.

It’s a significant change in tendering and bidding on contracts, but overall, it’s an important issue that all businesses will have to adapt and comply with. With the right approach and a well-written proposal, your business can benefit from this, and your chances of winning a tender will increase. Here are a few tips to help you meet the requirements of the Green Tendering Rules.

Provide examples and credible logistics

If your company has taken part in environmental campaigns or eco-friendly initiatives, make sure to mention this in your proposal and past experiences and examples and talk about your employees’ involvement. A good example includes ‘cycle to work scheme’ or other sustainable and active transport strategies that you’ve implemented in your business. Including evidence and positive results adds credibility to your proposal.

Analyse the requirements and environmental targets of the tender

By taking the time to read through the tenders environmental criteria, you may find that your business is already meeting these requirements without realising so in the first place. In general, most environmental conditions are easy to achieve; whether it’s recycling, cutting energy consumption, or reducing waste, many established companies are likely meeting these criteria effortlessly. All you need to do is to emphasise this information and discuss how you can further improve them.

Do your research on the tenders environmental statements and goals

Make sure to do extensive research on the company website and pinpoint their main goals and environmental statements. You can easily find their policy information online, and you can align your tender proposal with their primary focus. This could range from carbon emission reduction, commute to work initiatives and waste distribution. If they’re collaborating with specific organisations or charities, you can mention that you’re willing to implement your business with them during your contract.

All businesses bidding for tenders will need to comply with the new Green Tendering rules, not just those who successfully win contracts. If you are ready to begin your bid, our expert tender writers can write a credible proposal for your business that will help you win. For a free no-obligation quote, contact Your Tender Team today on 0116 218 2700.

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