Public Sector Tendering Post Brexit

How Is Public Sector Tendering Changing?

A Public Procurement Green Paper has been released detailing changes to public sector tendering post Brexit. We’ve teamed up with one of our partners Quality Compliance Systems who has created an article discussing the changes.

So, Why The Change?

Now Brexit has been completed, the Government has acknowledged current procurement processes are too restrictive and that they wish to simplify the public procurement process.

Some other key points were:

Changes To Tendering In The Healthcare Sector

QCS are specialists in compliance in the healthcare sector and support over 100,000 users with their services. They offer unique insights into current topics within the healthcare sector and they’ve summarised these new proposed changes in public sector tendering with a healthcare perspective.

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You can read the QCS article on The Future Of Social Care, Tendering Post Brexit HERE.

Are The Changes Welcome?

At this stage, they are plans and recommendations. We’ll have to wait and see what materialises to new legislation and processes. Early indications highlight that there will be more of a level playing field regarding tendering in the UK. Smaller companies might find themselves with more tendering opportunities as the sector welcomes bids from smaller companies.

How Will The Changes Benefit My Business?

Proposed changes could open up the sector and lead to more tendering opportunities. This will highlight the importance of our bid and tender writing service due to the higher volumes of bids companies might find themselves participating in.

Frameworks could be opened up to new bids halfway through the contract. This will lead to more growth opportunities for businesses. It would also remove the need for businesses to wait until the end of the contract period to tender.

Professional Tender Writers Available For You Now

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