Tender Writing Companies – 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Us

Looking Into Tender Writing Companies? Look No Further

When it comes to submitting a compelling tender response, you have one shot. Failure often means it’s another 3 – 5 year wait until the tender is released. Tender writing companies can help make or break your tender and we believe that we are the best in the business! Here are 10 reasons to use Your Tender Team:

  1. Experience. Tender writing companies will have more experience putting together winning bids than most. We work on hundreds of tenders every year and with that comes experience. Our team will bring this winning experience to your bid, transforming your approach to tendering.
  2. Proven Win Rate. Every day we submit bids for clients. Our win rate is market leading and heavily linked to our experienced tender writing team that will be assigned to you. See more on our win rate HERE.
  3. Peace Of Mind. We will handle the stress and strain associated with tender management such as clarifications, tender submission dates and portal management.
  4. Time. Don’t waste it. Whilst we handle your approach to tendering, you can focus on the day job. It typically takes 4-weeks to work on then submit a tender. Engaging tender writing companies ensures you get your most valuable resource back.
  5. Business Goals. We’ve helped double or triple the size of some of some of our clients. No matter what your goal, speak to us and we’ll see how tendering can potentially help. Should you wish to look for tenders outside of your geographical area, we can also assist.
  6. Partnerships. We’ve partnered with industry leading companies such as Citation, QMS and QCS. These organisations can add value to your business and assist with tendering. We’ll let you know exactly how they can assist if we think there’s room for improvement.
  7. Our Awards. We’re pretty successful, so awards have been coming thick and fast recently. We’ve won Bid Writing Company Of The Year and also the Top Adviser award sponsored by Dell, Xero and Neat. See more about our awards HERE. We’ve also just been shortlisted for Small Business Of The Year by the East Midlands Chamber Of Commerce.
  8. Flexibility. We offer either a Full Tender Write or Review & Evaluation service. This offers clients a flexible approach depending on the tender in question. We can either handle the writing and production, or offer guidance to you to then write the tender.
  9. Staff Development. If you write tenders in house, we can help your bid team. Our Review & Evaluation service offers your internal team perspective from professional tender writers who submit hundreds of tenders per year. This can help them develop their skills and act as a training tool.
  10. Efficient. When you engage Your Tender Team, we work around your schedule to make the process as seamless as possible. Clients also find before engaging us, they were bidding for every opportunity that was released. If you win more of the ones that matter, your approach to tender becomes more efficient and less of a scatter gun approach.

Want To Find Out How We Can Help You?

We’d love a chat to find out how we can help your approach to tendering to. Using a tender writing company such as Your Tender Team really can make or break your tender and transform your business. Either contact us today or use the ‘Get A Quote’ tab on the right and we’ll be in touch.

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