Top Tips for Creating Winning Tenders

After finding the perfect tender for your business, you may wonder how you increase your chances of winning the contract? Tendering for new opportunities takes time and careful planning, and Your Tender Team’s professional bid writers are constantly looking for ways to improve our client’s success rate. Here are a couple of our quick and valuable tips for creating winning tenders.

Understand the specific tender requirements

Every tender will be different and will require you to meet their specific criteria. There can be a lot of technical information to read through, so make sure that you understand the demands of the contract and that you can meet them. If you are unsure, then it’s worth hiring a professional tender writer to help you.

Stay within the word limits and adhere to the writing format

Many assessors will skim through your tender bid if you surpass the word limit or deviate from their required writing format. Whether it’s specific font styles, size or layout requirements, make sure to stick to them. Organisations will ask for a certain amount of information. For example, a 100-word limit requires a concise overview, whilst a 1000-word limit will mean that they want a detailed answer.

Stay on track with the tender timetable and deadlines

When handling more than one tender, it’s essential to keep separate timetables for individual tender bids to prevent any mix-up and potentially missing submission deadlines. Studying the tender timetable will help you plan efficiently and manage your time better. Tender schedules are generally found in the invitation.

Provide relevant references to your tender response

Buyers will want reassurance that you can deliver what they are looking for. When writing your response, you must back it up with relevant references and provide examples. Including in-depth information of previous experiences demonstrates your capability and relevant skills to the buyers.

Outsource your tender bid to a professional tender writer

Whether it’s your first time, you’re too busy running your business, or juggling multiple tender bids, outsourcing your tender submission to an experienced bid writer is an efficient way of submitting a professional tender response. If you are looking to hire the best bid writer, look no further than Your Tender Team. Our team of professional tender writers offer many writing services for businesses struggling to create the perfect tender submission. For any enquiries and quote requests, call us today on 0116 218 2700.

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