Top Tips for NHS Orthodontic Tendering

Dental tenders

Like all tendering processes, dental tenders expect you to meet certain expectations if you’re to have any success with your bid. In this respect, NHS orthodontic tendering is no different. It is essential that you can demonstrate your ability to meet their requirements precisely and, here at Your Tender Team, we can help you.

How To Win a Dental Tender

The success or otherwise of a dental tender bid is decided upon by NHS England. Their responsibility is to ensure that the proper care and treatment is available to NHS patients across the country. They produce detailed and rigorous service standards that guarantee the needs of those patients will be met by any prospective tenderer.

In order to be successful in your bid for dental tenders, you will have to meet or exceed those standards of patient care. In addition, your practice will have to prove it can deliver outstanding quality and value for money, alongside positive patient outcomes.

All of that can be said for any tender process, so what make NHS orthodontic tendering different?

Money is not a factor

Dental tenders set a specific price for each Unit of Orthodontic Activity (UOA), which is not up for negotiation. This means your practice will not be able to gain an advantage by offering a more competitive price for your services. Of course, this works in your favour, as in means corporate orthodontists cannot reduce the price either, despite working at a larger scale. Instead, dental tenders are awarded on the strength of your written submission.

Focus on the patient

To win an NHS tender, you must be able to demonstrate that your practice puts its patients at the heart of its service. This includes seeing patients in a timely manner, providing equity of care for all, successfully meeting patient expectations, and more. You need to show that you take patient feedback on board and should be able to provide examples of this.

Standards and Practices

As an NHS-approved orthodontic practice, you and your staff should be above reproach when it comes to the quality of your clinical governance. You must prove that you adhere to all current regulatory standards as laid down by the NHS, Public Health England, and the British Dental Association. You must also have a robust Quality Management process in place for continued performance and improvement.


Your bid submission must also show that all staff have clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the practice. In addition, your team must have the skills and experience necessary to meet the tender’s service delivery requirements. You should also mention your in-house training programmes, staff recruitment, retention policies, and so on.

Implementation and Mobilisation

Are you ready to act as an NHS-approved orthodontic practice from day one? If not, your bid is unlikely to proceed. NHS England is looking for practices that can start delivering exceptional patient care immediately, without need for further investment or modification. Demonstrating this will play a key role in your tender bid.

Policies and Procedures

You will need to show that your practice has robust policies in place to deal appropriately with changes and emergencies. Do you have an appropriate contingency for disaster events and sudden staff shortages? Are these contingencies realistic and cost effective? Are they reviewed regularly and do you have a process for informing staff of the changes? These are all things the NHS will want to see evidence of.


Speaking of evidence, proof of your practice’s experience in delivering successful patient outcomes is fundamental to a successful bid. Evidence can take a number of forms, including staff qualifications, patients’ case histories, testimonials, PAR scores, and more. Verifiable facts and figures help assure the NHS that you and your team are up to the job.

Here at Your Tender Team, we have an impressive track record for successful tenders. With an industry-leading 92% win-rate, we are a name you can trust. Call the team today on 0116 218 2700, submit a quote request by clicking the pink tab on the right, or start a live chat below to find out how we can help you with your bid for NHS orthodontic tendering.

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