What is Tender Writing?

A tender is an important way for you to gain more business and get involved in more industry sectors. Tenders are a written document that are sent to a potential supplier, customer, or organisation. The tender document is the basis of a tendering process that helps a buyer pick the most qualified business to meet their contract requirements.

Most companies or authorities will advertise a major contract opportunity to suppliers. They will need to review numerous applicants’ tender documents before making a formal offer, which is where tender writers come in. You will compete and submit bids with other potential suppliers to gain access to this advertised information.

Inevitably, most bidders will fall at the early stage, others will make it past the pre-qualification, and few applicants will complete the full tender response documentation. After a thorough evaluation from the buyer, one supplier will win the bid.

Reasons for the use of tender process

What is tender writing?

The evaluation of this process ensures fairness and transparency for all potential suppliers. All bidders will be marked within a list of scores to ensure that the most qualified company will become the appointed suppliers with a formal offer.

What makes a good tender submission?

A business must impress and gain the trust of the contracting authority and stand out from all competitors with innovative and concrete ideas. Understanding the tender and the services the organisation requires in more detail is vital, so your application must convince the evaluators that you can do a better job than every other applicant.

Benefits of hiring a tender writing consultant

Organisations that decide to outsource their bid writing and the tender response management have a higher percentage of success than those who rely on inhouse team members. Here are the incentives of hiring a professional tender writer whether you’re competing for a public or private sector contract.

If you need help with tender writing, then why not see if we can help? Our team of experienced bid writers have a overall tender win rate of 92% and can assist with tenders, bids, and proposals across any sector. Contact us today on 0116 2182 700 so that we can immediately transform your proposals to bidding contacts straight away.

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