Call Handling Tenders

Who Commissions Call Handling Tenders?

Call handling tenders are commissioned by a range of different organisations across the public and private spheres. 

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Recent examples of public sector call handling tenders have been released by housing associations looking to outsource their call handling function. There can also be more specialised tenders such as providing a dental care helpline for members of the public to discover the nearest available treatment centre for their needs.

Private call handling tenders can be for a wide variety of different organisations seeking to outsource their critical business function as a means of saving time and money, enabling them to focus their efforts elsewhere. Why not use this same methodology in respect of tendering? Read on to find out how we can help, or click the ‘Get A Quote’ tab on the right handside of the screen now.  

What is Normally Involved in a Call Handling Tender?

Call handling tender requirements often involve both in and out of hours operations that need to be fielded by a skilled call centre to handle enquiries, log potential issues, take payment, or a number of other functions. In all circumstances, they involve a bespoke approach so that you, as the bidder, can demonstrate their capability in delivering the requirements. Key themes and requirements include:

How can Your Tender Team help write a call handling tender?

We have a dedicated team with vast amount of experience in call handling tenders. No matter what sector the call handling tender is for, we can assist via our FULL TENDER WRITE or REVIEW & EVALUATION services, both managed/written by a team with bid writing experience within the call handling sector. 

Need Help Writing a Call Handling Tender? 

We specialise in offering a tailored bid writing service for clients dedicated to their sector. Call handling tenders are usually awarded to one company so we work exclusively on your behalf to try and help you win that all important tender. Our FULL TENDER WRITE includes:

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Want to Write the Tender Response Yourself? We Can Help!

If you wish to write your call handling tender in-house, we can assist with our REVIEW & EVALUATION service. We can add that extra magic to your tender and ensure you are supported every step of the way by our team of professional Tender Managers who will:

A Call Handling Tender is Out Now, How Much Do You Charge to Write or Review?

If you would like a quote for us to support you with your call handling tender, please visit our CONTACT US page and a member of our team who specialises in your sector will be in contact. Alternatively, upload information on the tender via our Get A Quote tab on the right of your screen.

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