Out Of Hours Dental Service Tenders

The NHS commissions out of hours dental service tenders on behalf of different Foundation Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups within the healthcare system. These are often based within certain regions of the UK and focused on particular areas of a county or town/city. 

What is Normally Involved in Out of Hours Dental Service Tenders?

Tenders are commissioned to ensure patients receive a high level of care and treatment when needing to use an out of hours dental service. Operating times of the service will be stipulated within the tender documents and can include late evening and weekend opening times, and can involve a dental helpline, advice and triage service to help manage service demand through appropriate use of out of hour dental care. 

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Some of the main requirements of a bidder involve a service user being able to access an out of hours dental service quickly by an adequately staffed service. Specific user groups should also be supported that could be vulnerable groups of people or certain population groups. 

Depending on the expected number of patients for the out of hours dental service tender, minimum and maximum financial thresholds might be set. It is also important to note that TUPE may apply. If this is the case, commissioners sometimes submit a TUPE list from the current out of hours dental service provider detailing staff members that may transfer to the incoming provider to sustain their employment. It is important for bidders to do their own investigations into the implications of TUPE, including the cost of managing this process. See our tender GLOSSARY for more information on tendering terminology. We recommended seeking professional employment law advice on this matter, unless you have sufficient expertise within your Legal & HR department. 

Within a dental tender, the premises used for the service will feature heavily within tender responses. Questions are often lengthy and involve topics such as:

Financial Evaluation In Out Of Hours Dental Service Tenders

Before deciding to bid for a tender, one of your first considerations should be the financial evaluation side of the tender. Within the tender documents, it’ll discuss what financial assessment criteria must be met. These can include a turnover V’s contract value assessment, acid ratios, stress tests, letters from your bank and more. If your organisation can accommodate these criteria we can proceed in supporting you.

Out of Hours Dental Services Tender Writing 

Your Tender Team will act as your dedicated bid writing team for any dental tender you wish to bid for. Writing a tender when juggling working in-practice isn’t easy, so we’ve got a tailored approach for dentists when it comes to tender writing. 

Our FULL TENDER WRITE service will cover all of your dental bid writing requirements. We have an experienced dental bid writing team who solely write tenders in your sector. Using Your Tender Team to write your tender makes the process hassle-free as we will:

If you would like an experienced, results driven approach to writing any dental tender, then look no further. See further info on our WIN RATE. Should you be the incumbent provider or an ambitious dental practice wanting to win new business via a tender, we have the solution to support you. Please CONTACT US today to discuss our bespoke approach for you today. 

Want to Write the Dental Tender Response Yourself? We Will Review Your Tender Submission

If you can dedicate the resources to writing the tender responses in-house, we can support you. It’s important for clients to assess the amount of work involved writing the tender themselves before deciding to opt for our REVIEW & EVALUATION service. 

We will add value to your dental tender response by helping you plan your written responses, assist in the gathering of supporting documents required and be on hand to advise every step of the way. 

Once you have written your tender responses, our team will offer feedback and guidance on them. This ensures that a professional bid writer has supported you with the process right up until submission. 

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How Much Do You Charge To Support With Out of Hours Dental Service Tenders?

We make it quick and easy for you to discover our rates to support you with your tender. If the tender isn’t live yet, CONTACT US to discuss how we can assist and timescales involved for the release of the tender. Call us on 0116 218 2700

If the tender is live now, use our ‘Get a Quote’ tab on the right handside of the page now. You can upload blank tender documents or link to the tender notice to allow one of our team to get in touch with more information and a quote today.

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