Property And Land Sales Tenders

Property and land sales tenders are often released when organisations have property or land within their estates that they wish to take advice upon and/or sell. They are sometimes split into two phases, a consultation process and then a sales approach based on the advice given at the first stage. 

Who Commissions Property And Land Sales Tenders?

Property and land sales tenders are often commissioned by housing associations, councils and educational establishments. On occasions, the commissioner might have a number of acres of land that has been deemed suitable to offer to the market. 

If a housing developer has built a number of new homes, they often release tenders looking for services who can help sell the houses, with qualifying criteria such as being local to the development, being a first-time buyer, being a key worker, etc. There may also be a requirement imposed by the local authority for a number of shared ownership properties to be designated within the development. Thus, the commissioner will want sales and marketing agents with such experience.

What is Normally Involved in Property And Land Sales Tenders?

Depending on the nature of the tender, commissioners may stipulate that bidders must hold RICS accreditation ( and have a number of MRICS surveyors to assist in the:

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  • Valuation and/or Acquisition of Land/Property
  • Development & Planning 
  • Project Management

Where tenders are based around key areas such as advising on a land portfolio, commissioners often base question sets around experience, potential concepts for the land and key members of the team that would be advising the commissioner. 

When it comes to property disposal tenders, commissioners might wish to base question sets around the areas of route to market, local presence, potential customer experience/journey and the price points of marketing properties. Property sales tenders often involve demonstrating your experience with other housing authorities. Bidders are often asked within a property sales tender to demonstrate their ability to market multiple developments, the ways they achieve this and key benchmarks to success such as number of days a property was sold within and if target values were achieved. 

In respect of shared ownership schemes, mentioned above, the commissioner may stipulate that a bidder must be a member of the Property Redress Scheme ( and to demonstrate experience and knowledge in shared ownership frameworks such as Help to Buy.

How Can Your Tender Team Help Write a Property and Land Sales Tender?

Our bid writing team has experience within this sector and can assist with any tender on your behalf. Whether the property and land sales tender is a winner-take-all award or a framework, we can help you write or review the bid. 

Are you a company that operates within the property market that is waiting for a tender to be released or would like to find one suitable? CONTACT US today to discuss in more detail how we can assist. If a tender is live that you would like bid writing/reviewing assistance with, please use the Get A Quote function on the right hand side of the screen. You’ll be able to upload a tender document and other relevant details so we can come back to you with a quote on how we can best support you. 

Need Help Writing a Tender? 

We have a dedicated team to look after your property and land sales tender who will research, plan, manage, write and submit your tender for you. Bespoke, fresh content will be written for all of your responses by our team with a vast amount of experience within property tenders. 

Please visit our FULL TENDER WRITE page for more information on what is involved and how we can add a new dimension to your approach to tendering. 

If you currently respond to tenders via a process that involves a range of different people within your business all writing and responsible for different sections within the tender, we can transform your approach. Should you have a dedicated bid writing team in-house, we can slot into your internal team as and when required to help at times of capacity or resource shortage due to existing demand, holiday, maternity/paternity cover or other shortfall. 

How do you write a winning tender? The million dollar question. There isn’t a simple, straightforward answer, but we are never far off as demonstrated by our WIN RATE

Press Articles

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We’ve recently won over £500m worth of tenders for clients in the East Midlands alone. Please visit BUSINESS LIVE for a full press write up on how we’ve helped clients recently. 

Want to write the tender response yourself? No problem!

If you’d like to write a property sales tender yourself, our REVIEW & EVALUATION service would be a fantastic addition to your approach to responding to a tender. 

We will support you every step of the way from tender release, planning, feedback and submission. Writing a tender can be a lonely process. Therefore you will be assigned a dedicated Bid Manager who will work with our Bid Director to plan your responses. Detailed feedback and tips will be then given to you based on your written answers for you to then implement. Think of it as a Bid Writing trump card you have at your disposal for any tender you wish to participate in. 

A Tender Is Out Now. How Much Do We Charge To Write Or Review A Tender?

Great, you’ve found a property sales tender out you wish to participate in. Now is the time to give it your best shot for success and we can assist you. Please either CONTACT US or alternatively upload some tender details into the Get A Quote tab on the right hand side of this page and one of our team will be in touch regarding the different services we can offer to help you write a tender or we’ll write it for you.

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