Decommissioning of Cooling Water Tunnels at Barking Power Station Site

The City invites contractors to submit a formal tender submission for the provision of Decommissioning of Cooling Water Tunnels at Barking Power Station Site.
The Barking Power Station is a 16.9ha site located in Dagenham, East London, which is being decommissioned to redevelop the site. The City of London is considering the site as an alternative location for two or more of the three City of London markets.
The project entails decommissioning of the two cooling water tunnels: the intake and outfall with associated headworks.
The proposed works consider that the tunnels under the land are to be backfilled. The objective of the backfilling is to meet the requirement of existing deeds for the tunnels. Filling the tunnels ensures that in the event of tunnel collapse due to lining degradation, there will not be significant settlement in the ground above the tunnel. The pump station is to be partially demolished and backfilled to allow the redevelopment of the site. The outfall structure in the River Thames is to be demolished to remove a navigation hazard.

Organisation Name

City of London Corporation



Contract Date

15th Dec 2022 / 15th Jun 2023

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