Framework Tenders – Finding One Suitable

Framework Tenders – Find One Suitable For You

We support many clients with their tenders when they are bidding for a framework. They act as great opportunities for businesses and can help to provide a revenue for the duration of the contract.

What Are They?

Framework tenders look to appoint more than one supplier. They offer Commissioners who use the framework the opportunity for further mini-competitions or direct awards. This is important as usually the first ranked supplier can be awarded business via the framework without the need for further competition.

Who Are Framework Tenders Released By?

A wide range of public bodies. From councils to housing associations through to emergency services all release frameworks.

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These tenders will involve the usual price/quality evaluation. They usually run for between 3-5 years and can be extended at the request of the commissioner.

Well Known Frameworks

There are a couple of big organisations that release frameworks. Buying organisations such as ESPO and YPO run multiple frameworks, procuring a wide range of services and products. These frameworks can be used by a wide range of public bodies such as local authorities, blue light organisations and the educational sector.

ESPO Frameworks

ESPO run 120 frameworks for all different types of requirements. Their website offers very useful information on all of the frameworks available. Information such as current suppliers, expiry dates and contact details can be found at .

YPO Frameworks

YPO are another buying organisation offering numerous frameworks. Areas such as fleet, health and social care and facilities management all have available framework tenders along with many others. More information can be found at .

Want To Discuss A Framework Of Interest?

We are on hand to discuss any framework tender with you and letting you know how we assist hundreds of clients with their tenders. CONTACT US for more information.

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