Improving the Effectiveness of Your Tender Search

Whether you’re new to public sector tendering or you’re an experienced bidder who’s interested in a wide range of industries available in the UK, there are plenty of methods, websites, and services to access more live tender opportunities. 

Most tenders are freely accessible online if you know where to look. There are endless websites available where tenders are published regularly, but some may require a bit of effort to find the right ones for you. Whether you’re on the search for tenders from local governments, councils, the NHS, housing associations, or utilities providers, here are some methods and sources to help you get started.

National Portals

All countries in the UK all have their designated portals, which are an excellent source for finding public sector tenders. UK government procurement markers are highly competitive, as it covers an enormous range of services. Countless new tender opportunities are published on all portals daily, which means plenty of options are waiting to be won. However, the constant change and updates mean that finding the perfect contract for your company can become a challenge.

Official databases

Official databases like TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) are an excellent source for finding public tenders within the European Union, so if you’re looking to expand your tender search outside the UK, then you’re at the right place. The website interface allows you to filter your search, feed, and alert notifications by country, region, sector, and much more.

Your Tender Team Live Tenders

Many companies that offer tender writing services provide live feeds of the latest opportunities through their website. Here at Your Tender Team, our team of tender experts track down public sector opportunities, high-value contracts, and many other diverse tenders from all sectors within the UK. Make sure to visit our live tenders page to find more information on the contract requirements, ending dates, organisation and value. 

If you require bid writing support for any tender, make sure to call us today on 0116 218 2700 for a no-obligation quote.

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