Need Help Writing A Tender? 10 Reasons To Choose Us

Enlisting A Company When You Need Help Writing A Tender Is A Strategic Decision

You have one shot to win a tender. Miss out and you’ll have to wait until it is released again. On average, contracts are re-tendered every 3-5 years. Finding the right company to support you when you are seeking help writing a tender is crucial. See below 10 reasons to choose Your Tender Team:

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See below 10 reasons to choose Your Tender Team to write or review any tender:

  1. WIN RATE. The ultimate benchmark of success for us. we regularly update our tender win rate and you can see the latest figures HERE.
  2. SPECIALISM. Our company focuses solely on writing and reviewing tenders and specialises in the art of bid writing.
  3. SECTOR EXPERIENCE. Within our team we have team members who specialise in different sectors, ensuring we have the skillset and experience to support you.
  4. DEDICATED RESOURCE. When we write a tender for you, we will assign you a dedicated Bid Manager and Tender Writer.
  5. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. With our vastly experienced team managing and writing your bid, it acts as a competitive advantage when you need help writing a tender.
  6. REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES. We help clients grow and flourish, boosting revenue, employment and company potential. Read about one example HERE.
  7. RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Our Full Tender Write and tender Review & Evaluation services are competitively priced and easily budgetable. Our Tender Management Service offers a fixed monthly price for us to support with any tender.
  8. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. We’ve partnered with companies who offer services that go hand-in-hand with setting yourself up for success when tendering. See more about our partnerships with QMS, CITATION and QCS.
  9. COST SAVING. Outsourcing your tender writing to us can help reduce your costs and increase efficiencies within your business. When we write your tender or you, your internal team can get on with the day job and achieve results elsewhere in the business.
  10. HEAD COUNT. Another benefit of outsourcing your tender writing to us is that we can step into your business as and when required as opposed to hiring another member of staff.

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