Social Value And Added Value In Tenders

Social value in tenders became a feature of public sector contract tender awards following the introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. Social Value is increasingly becoming the deciding factor for a winning tender – often accounting for 10% of the overall marks. It’s an area where bidders can score some ‘easy’ marks. You may not already realise it, but you are probably quite strong when it comes to social value. The challenge is to identify what those strengths are and present them persuasively in your tender submission.

How To Demonstrate Social Value In Tenders

Social value will only work in your favour if you can demonstrate tangible and quantifiable actions and benefits, particularly for local people where the contract will be delivered, the Commissioners will see the value in your submission.

Social value questions can be extremely broad. Your Tender Team find it best to split the response into economic, social and environmental sections (unless specified by the question).

Economic benefits can include the employment of local people, apprenticeship and work placement opportunities, use of local suppliers, supporting other SMEs, and a commitment to boosting local economic growth through good levels of pay – as local spend is kept within the local economy.

Social benefits relate to corporate social responsibility, charitable initiatives, or support for community investment projects. Donating time and money to charities is an indirect social benefit to wider society.

Environmental benefits include reducing your impact on the environment through reduced energy consumption through energy efficient equipment, reducing paper consumption by not printing emails, and reducing carbon emissions through car sharing or cycle schemes.

In any event, we need to demonstrate to the Commissioner that you will have a positive impact in the local area. Further information on social value can be found HERE.

Added Value In Tenders

The above is not to be confused with added value. Added value highlights cost savings/efficiencies, value for money and service innovations. Added value will set you apart from the competition. Such value may mean a greater cost to enter on the pricing element, but Commissioners may forgo this in order to receive a greater quality service. Such responses need to highlight real value and are much more specific and measurable than perhaps some elements of social value.

Knowing the difference is key to scoring those ‘easy’ marks. If you need advice on how to present a compelling case CONTACT US now to discuss your requirements or call us on 0116 218 2700.

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